Saturday, July 25, 2009


I thought this week was wrecked.

This goes to show that messing up one (ok twice) in a week doesn't mean you should give up!

Thanks to DH for the words of encouragement and helping me stick with it.

He started counting calories for himself. =)


Nicole said...

Thanks for your comment! It is always a good reminder that I need to think about how my attitudes affect my girls. My mom always talked about being fat. I know the mind set it helped me create. I really work hard to not pass that on to my kids. In many ways it is why I don't do swim suits. I want to be a strong confident woman for them. I can pull that off most of the time...I may be a bigger woma, but I look great! I always joke that I make plus sizes look good....just not in a swimming suit. I am working on that. I would never tell them we weren't going swimming due to my weight issues. I just send them swimming with their daddy. It is just of their truths. Mom doesn't swim, dad doesn't sew etc. I just want to fix that.....for all of us!

Amy said...

Congrats on the "-1.7!" I try to focus on the weekly average. Obviously trying to stay within my calorie range every day, but a little give or take on any given day is ok too.

Chavonne said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. And I'm so glad your DH is starting to count cals, too! All of that hard work is really paying off.

Lisa said...

Congrats!!!! :)