Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Nowawdays, you see more attention on tv and whatnot about the things that teenagers go through. People are more aware of "cutting" and other self-inflicted harm the emotionally disabled people, particularly teenagers and especially females.

As far as I know, no one thinks of eating this way. I can remember times in college that I specifically ate means of self-harm. It was like cutting but without the "cry-for-help" scabs and scars. It was secret and no one knew about it. There were even one or two occasions where I binged for the sole purpose of throwing up. I wanted to throw-up before I had even eaten.

I did other things besides overeat during the time in my life, but all that is behind me. I'm happier and more stable now. I just thought this was a good forum to put my theory out there. I don't think the main-stream could acknowledge over-eating and deliberate self-harm the way they have reached out to people with little scars all up and down their arms. Even the ones who cut themselves - they seem like more sympathetic characters if they aren't already fat.

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Chavonne said...

You are absolutely right about eating as a form of self-harm. I hope it's recognized as a cry for help soon so that others don't end up where I did--fat and unhealthy. I'm so glad you have found more happiness and peace now.