Friday, July 17, 2009

The last acceptable form of discrimination?

By no means have we evolved enough as a society that we've thrown away all the stereotypes and prejudice out there, but at least we have acknowledged that certain things are bad: racism, agism, homophobia, gender discrimination, ethnic jokes, certain religious discrimination (ex. Judaism is out but it's still ok to hate on Catholics).

People haven't really recognized sizism...weightism? Whatever it is - it's ok to hate on people because they are fat.


Rachel said...

Well, I don't really have anything intelligent to say on this except...yep, you're right and it stinks. I think it's because fat isn't yet seen as compatible with the sexy, youth/party-driven media culture...but somehow other differences don't interfere with that superficial image. It's pretty horrifying.

Chavonne said...

You're completely right. I mentioned the concept of sizism at work and a woman said "I've never heard of THAT before!" and laughed. I said, "Trust me, if you've ever been a big person, you would know what I'm talking about." She seemed really uncomfortable, but maybe it made someone else aware. It's ever-apparent. I won't begin to equate it to racism/sexism/homophobia, but it's definitely a big part of society.