Sunday, July 12, 2009

So proud!

Sunday nights are the most dangerous time for me. We have family dinner my husband's family. Sometimes it's just us and his mom.

Anyway, she's all about snacks, butter, oil, cheese, etc. For last few weeks I've literally eaten an entire bag of Lays (1750 calories) with little help from my husband. Ten minutes later I would be gorging myself on a butter,cheese, and white carb laden dinner.

I had saved all my flex points for today, just in case. I even worked out for half an hour on the Wii and did some intensive gardening.

I was sooo good. I still can't believe it. I was also able to do it in a way that no one noticed I was cutting back or had to ask if I was on a diet.

It helped that in addition to the array of chips, she had this week gotten hummus and flat-out whole grain bread (1 pt each) so I had that instead of chips and it helped keep me from eating too much cheese ravioli. In the end, I was so good that I had enough regular points to have a serving of chips before we left and I never touched my flex points.

I thought having other people read my blog would keep me accountable. What I have noticed instead is that reading other people's blogs, and knowing they read my blog, has made me want to set a good example. I want to let other women know that it is possible. That is what is motivating me now - not the fear of embarrassing myself by failing.

It also helps that I lost another pound. I'm down 5 since turning over this new leaf.


Chavonne said...

Congrats! You did such great work and ate delicious, healthy food. And congrats on the weight loss! Whoop! It's funny, I'm about to write a blog just like yours about eating with friends and not going off the deep end. Good job! You're inspiring me!

By the way, isn't 3 Fat Chicks great? I seriously could spend ALL day on's a bit overwhelming :).

Fat Girl said...

I love 3FatChicks - I can't believe it has been around forever and I only just found.

I need to cut back though. It's the reason I am up too late and then I don't get up in time to ride my bike to work and end in a car instead.