Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fat Girl Tale: The Beginning

I've spent some time typing in different blog addresses along the fat girl theme..."fatgirl.blogspot," "fatchick.blogspot," "fatgirlstory.blogspot" and the like. All the blogs I found were pretty old and hadn't been updated in five years or more and few had even three posts. The most recent one I could find was "blogofafatgirl.blogspot." However, like many of the others, it only had one post. So, this is my contribution to the world of fatgirl blogs. Hopefully it will have more consistency and if at least one girl reads it, then its a success. Even if no one does, I hope it will be therapeutic for me.

Nothing came up when I put in "fatgirltale." I wasn't sure if I wanted it at first. I looked up "tale" and What I found was:

1.a narrative that relates the details of some real or imaginary event, incident, or case; story: a tale about Lincoln's dog.
2.a literary composition having the form of such a narrative.
3.a falsehood; lie.
4.a rumor or piece of gossip, often malicious or untrue.
5.the full number or amount.
6.Archaic. enumeration; count.
7.Obsolete. talk; discourse.

I decided it was really appropriate. This will in fact be a narrative. Ever since I was a little fat girl, I dreamed about writing my autobiography. I got to a point where I decided I never wanted my family to know the real story of my life and that I would publish my life story under a pseudonym and while it would be entirely true, I would want it filed under "fiction."

So here is my story, all true but with a fake name, for you to read like literature, not history.