Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm not going to lie- I've recycled this post from a comment I left on another blog. I like what I wrote, though, I decided to make it it's own post on my blog.

I always thought "why bother trying to look nice?" because nothing could make up for being fat.

If you're watching TLC, watch "What Not to Wear." They tell all the heavy women not to put their life off until they are thing.

When I put on a nice outfit and do my makeup, I feel like a million bucks. When I see woman bigger than me who you can see care about their appearance - the outfits are sharp, their hair is done, their make-up is flawless - I think they look amazing.


Lisa said...

I LOVEed your comment. Thanks! :)

Fat Girl said...

Good, I'm glad. Don't you think it's true?

I just look at your profile pic and the smile makes all the difference.