Saturday, September 5, 2009

Completely Off

So I am totally off the wagon. I haven't been binging or going crazy - but I have been eating and not keeping track. I'm only eating when I am hungry. However, I am susceptible to eating just because I think something will go to waste. I cringe when I read other people's blogs about overcoming temptation by throwing a whole plate of cupcakes in the garbage or something like that. My mom was really neurotic about wasting food and it's ingrained in me. Since we are doing two CSA's and I just signed up for a bread-share (local bread baked in a field), we have a steady supply of perishable food coming in that we need to stay on top of. I am also trying to do a fridge cleanse (I did one a couple months ago) where I try to reduce the number of condiments and storage containers by consuming the contents.

Anyway, so all this off the waggon business has resulted in 5lb gain in the last month. I was actually realieve that it was only 5lbs but now that I think about it, that is pretty horrible. That would be the equivalent of 60lbs a year. That is not the road I want to be on.

So, I am resolving that starting after labor day (we have a family picnic! I know it's wrong but I am doing it anyway) I am back on the wagon!

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