Friday, April 29, 2011

Life Interrupted

So, my little sister moved in a couple months ago. Now her "friend" is going to be living with us for at least a month.

My little sister is thin and adorable and I'm kind of embarrassed for her to know I'm trying to lose weight. She knows I go to the gym but dieting is embarrassing.

Part of me feels like I just can't do it with her around and so I shouldn't even try until she leaves, which may be months from now. I can't waste all that time, though. I need to just start and stop looking for excuses.

Most times when I decide to start up again, I get psyched and I think, "This is it!" This time I just feel like it's hopeless. I thought reading goal stories on 3FC would inspire me. It did, but it only lasted about 30 seconds.

When I don't have control over other things in my life, it makes me feel like I can't control this, either.


Heather said...

Why are you embarassed for her to know you're trying to lose weight? There's nothing to be embarassed about! Would you be embarassed telling people you picked up a new hobby or are going back to school? It shouldn't be any different! People fail at all kinds of things in life, but to have the courage to try them is something that should be celebrated. But if you can't tell her, then don't. Just diet anyway and if she asks tell her you're trying to eat healthier and leave it at that. Good luck :)

safire said...

My younger sister has been skinny all her life but she's one of my biggest supporters even at my maximum weight she loved me and encouraged me to try to make changes in my life!

I know there's sibling rivalry but I would hope since she's living in your house she would be respectful of your daily routine!

Eating healthier can be something the entire family can be a part of! I know because of me my boyfriend has been more conscious about being healthy losing about 25 lbs himself!