Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joined a Gym!

I always thought I would never join a gym...or at least not for awhile. I would feel like a jerk after having free access to a gym for years at school and then paying for one as soon as a I got out.

Well, I joined. It was January and there was a special...$20/mo if you paid for the whole year. It's two blocks from work so I did it; I joined.

I went every day for 6 weeks. I felt great and I thought about coming on here and blogging and I thought I would feel too guilty about how easy it was going to be for me to lose all that weight. I lost 5 or 7 lbs right off the bat; I can't remember.

I didn't keep losing weight because I didn't change my eating habits...I thought working out for an hour a day was enough. It wasn't. I was also doing only cardio and when I decided to add weight training; I lost some of my enthusiasm. Then my schedule changed and it all started to fall apart.

I knew that once I started, I couldn't skip a day just because I felt like it because that would be the end. It was the end.

I go about twice a week still, but I feel like a total failure.

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