Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weigh In Week Two

So I am counting this past week as week two of consecutive consistent commitment.

I lost less than 2lbs. I was pretty bummed, because that it was I would hope for with diet alone, but I am working out for an hour a day burning 650 calories and not eating more food to make up for them. I am eating the WW pts allowed for a sedentary women my size. Maybe I should eat more of my points? My SIL said her group, people said they did better when they ate all their points and their flex points. I sometimes come in 2 or 3 points under - all last week I did.

Anyway, 1.8lbs was sad but my husband was very encouraging. He was proud of the loss. I guess it is exciting to only be 10 lbs away from beating my weight loss efforts in recent history. When I had my dieting kick last year, I got down to 221. Here's to blasting through that.

I think the lowest I ever weighed in in the 1.5 years I have had my Wii Fit is 219.

Here's to record breaking!

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