Friday, July 9, 2010

Gym Nudity

So I have been going to gym for a few weeks and I am amazed by how casual some people can be about nudity. I know it's a locker room but my modesty (embarrassment) does not check itself at the door. I also don't understand how people can eschew the private shower stalls in favor of the group shower!

I am not grossed out; I'm impressed. I wish I could just walk around naked and not care. I wish I was that comfortable. Maybe it comes with age (the over 50 crowd seem totally ok with it) or something.

I've worked up to taking off my t-shirt and standing there in sports bra and shorts while getting my shower stuff together. Everything else is series of acrobatics involving holding my towel and undressing/dressing. Skirts are eat to get into ;)

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