Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday was Day 5 of being back on WW. I had my points all planned out so I could have two pieces of pizza at a meeting I was going to. We always have pizza.

Well instead there was macaroni and cheese, lasagna, baked ziti, etc. I didn't know the points of any of it because 1) I didn't make it and 2) I don't eat these things when I am on program. I almost never eat out, so I am not in the habit of estimating points. I measure everything.

So, what did I do? I just ate as much as I wanted; too much actually. Then I took some home (they brought out to go boxes and said it would all get thrown out). I brought home an entire container filled with

Then when I got home, of course I ate some more macaroni and cheese.

I am just going to pretend I didn't eat more than 50 points (which maybe I didn't) - that would be the point I had left for the day and all my flex points for the week. I am back on track today.


Stephanie said...

It's really difficult when the only food available is something you normally would avoid. Can you keep trail mix with you in the future in case it happens again?

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Fatina George said...

I guess that would help, but I went there expecting to have dinner and I really have a weakness for free food.