Friday, June 13, 2008

Fat girls not blogging

Maybe I should stop fixating on this but what is it about fat girls that makes them give up on their blogs so easily. I only found one girl that was actively blogging since I started my blog and it looks as if will fall to the side like all the other fatty blogs.

There has to be something about fat girls. I felt the same way about this blog. Despite starting out with the outrage about girls who just give up on their blogs, after about a week I felt like I was losing interest. Maybe it was because talking about being fat is so foreign and can be uncomfortable. Part of me started to wonder why it mattered, no one was reading it. Perhaps its just the self-esteem which is usually part of being a large parcel. We start to think we're not good enough or not important enough for people to care what we think.

I've really be posting out of a sheer desire to not be one of those girls who just gives up on her blog. That's it. That's the only thing keeping me going and someone responds to one of my posts, it will continue to be the only thing.

This post felt therapeutic - maybe a few more of these and I will find some more motivation. That would be preferable. I cannot rely of validation from other people. I can't let whether or not someone appreciates me be my reason for continuing. I need to see this as something I do for myself.

Maybe that is where girls get sabotaged losing weight as well. We do it for someone else. We do it some someone will be our friend, our lover, so a stranger will think we are beautiful, to show that person who was mean to us, many terrible reasons.

How many fat girls can honestly say the only want to lose weight for themselves?

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