Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weight Worries

I have always been worried about my weight. However, when there is someone else in the equation, you start to worry about their health.

I wonder if overweight people often end up together. My husband and I were both this way before we met. Well, looking back, I wasn't as bad as I am now. He fluctuates a lot, but it can be hard to tell when I'm around him all the time - even where there's a 50lb difference. I don't really realize it until I look into photos.

Anyway, I'm worried about him. He's really unhealthy. I'm scared that he's going to die before he's 50. He might get diabetes. He never goes to doctors, so who knows how serious this is. I am scared, though. I'm really really scared.

I wish I could be a good influence on him but instead he ends up being a bad influence on me. He won't go for walks. I end up using food as a sign of affection - I get him treats to show him I love him. I'm just like my mother in that regard - though she never hesitated to tell me how fat and unattractive I was. The treats she got weren't usually for me.

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